• 23 Dec, 2009

    Tony's Yarrow Investment Blog - December 2009

    Cautiously Optimistic Wise

    Around this time last year, Warren Buffett repeated his famous remark that he tends to feel scared when others are greedy, and greedy when others are feeling...

    By Tony
  • 01 Dec, 2009

    Evenlode Investment View – December 2009

    Surviving The Black Death

    Being a UK company has been an uphill struggle over the last year - six successive quarters of negative economic growth is a long, hard march...

    By Hugh
  • 10 Nov, 2009

    Tony's Yarrow Investment View - November 2009

    The Cosiness Factor

    The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy ones. Our clients have been active, there has been a lot happening in the markets, a lot of research...

    By Admin
  • 01 Nov, 2009

    Evenlode Income Launch – Press Coverage

    'Wise Investment staff involved with the Evenlode fund will be co-investors. We like to see this because it provides an alignment of incentives between the fund managers and the investors...

    By Admin
  • 01 Nov, 2009

    Evenlode Investment View - November 2009

    An Eye On Inflation

    With a clear bias from central bankers towards loose monetary policy, global inflationary pressures are building. We don’t see dangerously high inflation as a certainty -...

    By Hugh
  • 24 Oct, 2009

    Evenlode Investment View - October 2009

    The Triumph Of Hope Over Reality

    The UK stock market has come a long way since the first quarter of this year, when a whole segment of companies were being...

    By Hugh
  • 15 Sep, 2009

    Tony's Investment View - September 2009

    Climbing A Wall Of Worry

    This month’s thoughts are dedicated to the world’s worriers, an elite club of which I am a long-term member. Recently, the economic and investment news...

    By Admin
  • 03 Aug, 2009

    Tony Yarrow's Investment View - August 2009

    Market's Heat Up - Weather Stays Cool

    I suggested in my last blog that the stock market had entered a new uptrend in early March. The title, ‘torpor descending’ was meant...

    By Admin
  • 07 Jul, 2009

    Tony Yarrow's Investment View - July 2009

    Torpor Descending

    It looks as if we are at one of those opportunity points where good assets can be bought very cheaply, if one is a patient investor who is...

    By Admin
  • 08 Jun, 2009

    Tony Yarrow's Investment Blog - June 2009

    Over the last few weeks, against a backdrop of General Motors going bankrupt, rising unemployment, and political turmoil in the UK, there has been a sense of things settling back...

    By Admin
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