SpecialEffect - The gamer's charity

Written by Alex, 24 July 2018

Wise Investment recently did a fundraising event for Special Effect which is an amazing charity local to us but helping people all around the UK.
These clips really show the impact Special Effect can have on people’s lives and the importance of being able to feel that you can participate in activities that other people take for granted.
We are very happy to continue to support this charity as much as we can going forward and knowing that what we do makes a small contribution towards the charity being able to help more people is a great feeling.

Lewis Takes Control

How SpecialEffect's StarGaze project is bringing a degree of independence to Lewis.


Meet Corey, an amazing seven year-old with a magic laugh.
He’s seven and has hemiplegia down his left side as a result of a pre-natal stroke.
For many years he’s had to watch his brother have all the video gaming fun, but now he’s absolutely loving playing FIFA independently.
“We used to give him a controller that wasn’t connected just so he felt involved,” said Lee, his father. “I’d asked a few people about adapted controllers but no-one knew anything. Just by chance I went into a GAME store and one of the assistants mentioned SpecialEffect.”
Corey and his family came over to our games room and we created a special control setup for him that’s put him back into the game. He hasn’t looked back.
“He’s really enjoying it,” smiles Lee, “It’s given him a bit of independence to play the games himself. It’s something else he can do as his disability restricts him in so many other ways.”
“Seeing him so happy just makes you feel good.