Wise Cinema - Thursday 10th September

Written by Admin, 24 August 2015

Wise Investment is pleased to present The Third Man at Chipping Norton Theatre on Thursday 10th September.

The Third Man is a thrilling Cold War spy classic. It follows pulp novelist Holly Martins as he travels to Vienna on the promise of a job from his friend Harry Lime. Upon His arrival in Vienna, Holly finds Harry has been killed in a traffic accident. However, the circumstances surrounding Harry’s death become increasingly questionable.

With mystery and drama, The Third Man won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography and has been hailed as a must-see by critics and viewers alike.

If you are interested in attending our private showing, please call us on 01608 646738 or e-mail wise@wiseinvestment.co.uk.

Due to the Theatre’s capacity, we ask that all those who wish to attend contact us in advance.

Best wishes,

The Wise Team

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