As well as managing your investments, our long-term Financial Planners can give advice on all aspects of your circumstances.

We offer a range of investment planning services from an overall review of your financial affairs (including a review of existing investments for new clients) to long-term investment plans such as retirement planning, inheritance planning, tax planning and arranging insurance policies. We try to give the type of advice we would want to receive ourselves if we were not financial professionals, and avoid jargon as much as possible.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring that you have sufficient assets to provide a decent standard of living in retirement is a key part of most people’s long-term investment plans.

Retirement is rarely something that happens at a fixed and known date. Rather, it often takes place over a period of time. It needn’t mean stopping work altogether, and could be about moving from one career to another.

Pensions can be a very useful, flexible and tax-efficient way of building a retirement fund, but your fund might comprise ISAs, other investments and property as well.

Our financial investment planners can work with you to create a long-term plan for building up and managing your assets, so that your income needs can be met.

If you are nearing or at retirement, we can advise you how best to structure your investments, pensions and other financial arrangements to provide you with the level of income you require.

Investment Planning

Good long-term investment is often critical to our clients’ financial plans. You can find out more about our approach to investments and our portfolio management services here.

As well as the core investment service, we can also advise on and arrange other specialist investments such as Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes, if appropriate.

We will be very happy to give you an appraisal of your existing investments, and discuss any other investment ideas you may have, such as direct property ownership and managing your cash holdings.

Protection Planning

Financial planning and investment planning almost always involve a degree of risk. Investment risk is one aspect, but what about the risk of your financial plans being derailed by an unforeseen event, such as illness?

As part of your overall financial planning, we can advise on and arrange appropriate protection to ensure your plans remain on track, whatever happens.

Inheritance Tax Planning


Managing a potential liability for inheritance on your assets requires careful planning, and is usually an ongoing process rather than a one-off piece of work. Often the key is to strike a balance between passing assets to the next generation, and retaining sufficient capital to ensure you continue to have enough to live on.

The starting point should be to ensure that your Will is appropriate and up to date. We can work with your solicitor or will-writer to understand your situation and requirements, before formulating an appropriate plan.


A range of strategies exist for dealing with Inheritance Tax. It may simply be a case of ensuring that there are funds available to meet the tax liability when it arises, without the need to sell assets or borrow money. That might for example involve setting up a life assurance policy with the aim of producing a cash sum to pay the tax.

Alternatively, the tax liability may be reduced through the use of Trusts, or by investing in assets that qualify for Business Property Relief.

Your Financial Planner at Wise Investment can help you build a plan for managing your inheritance tax position, taking into account all of the permitted allowances and exemptions, and your personal income and capital requirements.

Other Planning Areas

Tax Planning

It is important to make sure that the usual well-established tax exemptions and allowances are used. As part of our investment planning and management service, we will work with you to ensure that your ISA allowances, and if relevant, pension contribution allowances are used each year.

Everyone has an annual tax-free allowance for capital gains, which can be used when investments are sold within your portfolio. We will take gains into account when selling investments, although we can’t of course guarantee that capital gains tax will always be avoided.

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