5 Reasons you need a Financial Planner

Posted: 9th January 2024 Key

The Christmas decorations are safely stored away and you’ve dusted off your ‘to do’ list. Here are 5 reasons that getting in touch with a Financial Planner should be added to your new year’s resolutions.


  1. Map out a financial plan for your future.

Forming a clear financial plan for you and your family can be like battling through a jungle. Finding a way through the dense products, services and complicated industry jargon can leave you feeling lost and confused. We are here to guide you through the financial planning journey, identifying and overseeing the services best designed to help you reach your financial goals. As your financial planners, we are tackling not only your present situation, but we are planning for your future, too.


  1. Expert guidance on important and potentially difficult financial decisions.

Conversations around topics such as Inheritance tax can be difficult to navigate but avoiding them can leave a real financial burden for our families and loved ones when we are gone. We are here to help guide those conversations, and, with some careful planning we can help you formulate a strategy to help mitigate your Inheritance tax bill.


  1. Ongoing Investment management to ensure your long-term financial security.

How regularly do you look at what is going on in the financial markets, across all of the various sectors and the geographical landscape? We have a dedicated team of investment specialists who continually monitor the markets, regularly meeting with fund managers to discuss their long-term strategy. Our Investment Management service provides an ongoing process of review and rebalancing within your portfolio, ensuring the best possible outcome for your long-term investments.


  1. Encouragement to regularly review your financial plan

We know how easy it is to leave reviewing your finances sitting on your ‘to do’ list. We also believe that regularly reviewing your investments is vital in ensuring their continued suitability for your current and changing circumstances. Rather than the onus being on you to remember to review your investments, we will contact you to prompt a discussion and review of your situation and investments.


  1. Expert advice on niche areas of financial planning

Whether you need advice on tax planning, estate planning or general financial protection, our expert financial planners can guide you through the obstacle course of potential solutions to find the most suitable solution for you.


The information contained in this article is not a personal recommendation and should not be construed as advice. If you are unsure about the suitability of a particular investment strategy you should speak to an authorised financial adviser. Wise Investments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number 230553. Registered in England 4970458.




Jo Radcliffe