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A Town Transformed by Creativity for Artweeks

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Imagine Chipping Norton transforming into a giant art gallery for a few weeks. From the 4th to the 12th of May, everyone’s talking about Chipping Norton Artweeks. Why? Because it’s not just an art show; it’s a whole town coming alive with creativity. Artists and craftspeople from all over will show what they can do, from painting to photography, and it’s all for free.

Now, why should you listen to us at Wise Investment talk about art? Simple: we’re not just about business; we love art! Our CEO, Alexandra Rae, has art in her heart, and together, we are on a mission to get everyone in Chipping Norton as excited about art and the creative community as we are.

This gathering of art and culture isn’t just in one place… it’s everywhere. Think old buildings, gardens, and even Oxford colleges turning into pop-up galleries. And it’s not just about looking. You can chat with artists, watch them at work, and maybe even take home a treasure.

Wise Investment isn’t just observing from the sidelines. We’re transforming our office space into a gallery to honour and celebrate the local art scene, spotlighting everyone in the creative community, from school kids to seasoned professionals.

Artists at Wise Investment for Oxfordshire Artsweeks


The Artistic Tapestry of Oxfordshire

Chipping Norton Artweeks is part of a much larger celebration that sweeps across Oxfordshire county. This expansive festival of creativity showcases the talents of over a thousand artists, makers, and designers in a variety of enchanting settings. From the cosy confines of artists’ studios to the grandeur of ancient churches and the prestigious halls of Oxford Colleges, the entire county turns into a vibrant gallery open to all.

The festival unfolds in stages, each week shining a spotlight on a different part of Oxfordshire, ensuring every area has its moment to dazzle:

  • North and West Oxfordshire: From the 4th to the 12th, these areas kick off the celebrations with a diverse array of art forms, setting the stage for what’s to come.
  • Oxford City’s Turn: From the 11th to the 19th, the city becomes a pulsating heart of creativity, drawing visitors into its historic streets filled with contemporary expressions.
  • South Oxfordshire’s Grand Finale: From the 18th to the 27th, South Oxfordshire wraps up the festival, leaving lasting impressions with its unique contributions to the art scene.

School student displays project for artsweek

At the Chipping Norton Artistic Helm

Leading the charge for the co-ordination of the Chipping Norton Artweeks is previously mentioned Alexandra Rae, whose dedication to the arts goes beyond mere appreciation. In a time when arts face funding challenges, her commitment to showcasing and supporting various art forms, especially those at risk of being overlooked, is more critical than ever. It’s her vision that brings the Artweeks to life at Wise Investment and turns the office into a hub of artistic exploration, and ensures that the legacy of creativity continues to thrive in Chipping Norton.

Artists for chipping norton artsweek


Transforming Spaces

Walking into the Wise Investment offices during Artweeks, one is met with an awe-inspiring transformation. No longer just a place of business, the space changes into a vibrant gallery showcasing the talents of local artists.

Prepare to be enthralled by the dynamic range of artists showcasing their work within our walls:

Rosemary Atkins brings joy and energy to her lino cuts, making each one pop with emotion and colour.

Evelyn Baxter captures both the delicate and dynamic aspects of light in her paintings, balancing strength with fragility.

Rosie Colvin creates jewellery that tells stories. Each piece is full of detail and meaning, like little treasures with their tales.

Bethany Hughes works wonders with needlework, creating textiles that feel cosy and inviting, encouraging viewers to look closer and appreciate the textures.

Melissa Keskinkilinc fills spaces with the vibrant hues and intricate designs of her glass art, brightening rooms and moods alike.

Louise Regan connects the old and new with her stone sculptures and architectural paintings, showcasing her dual talents as both a carver and a painter.

Brenda Hayden’s paintings are vivid and expressive, pulling viewers into the colourful worlds she creates on canvas.

Caroline Nixon manipulates fabrics into stunning visual pieces, blending colours and textures in ways that transform spaces.

Chipping Norton School displays a variety of works by its students, offering a glimpse into the community’s creative future.

Jane Stillwell captures moments in time with her photography, providing a window into different perspectives and stories.

Judith Yarrow OAS uses her paintings to explore and express complex emotional landscapes, inviting contemplation and connection.

Tim Labuscagne’s paintings are rich in colour and emotion, each stroke adding depth and drama to his canvases.

Verna Wass crafts hats that are more than just accessories; they are wearable art, each with its flair and fashion.

Vivien Sieber turns clay into beautiful pottery, each piece a functional work of art that offers both aesthetic pleasure and practical use.


Artist Spotlight

Louise Regan’s journey is both touching and impressive. Starting as someone who simply loved looking at buildings, she has grown into a respected stone carver and illustrator. Her art, which shows a deep love for the beauty of architecture, includes everything from detailed drawings to big stone sculptures. She’s been recognised for her talent, even being part of the esteemed Company of Masons exhibition, which is a big deal. Louise doesn’t just work with stone, though; she’s also made beautiful illustrations for books of poetry and recipes, mixing humour with lovely visuals. One of her standout pieces is an architectural drawing of Tokyo, made as a gift, showing how art can connect us across different places and cultures.

And if you think that’s impressive, Louise’s skills have also been recognised by the BBC on the programme “Make it at Market”. That’s right, our very own local talent, spotlighted on the national stage!

So, when you visit Chipping Norton Artweeks, keep an eye out for Louise Regan’s work. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s an exploration of history, art, and the sheer endurance of stone, chiselled into beauty by an artist who understands the legacy of her craft. Come along, have a chat, and see for yourself how stone, ink, and paper blend under Louise’s hands.

Louise Regan - Spotlight artist


Fond Memories and Fresh Inspiration from Last Year

Last year’s Artweeks really stuck with everyone, especially with the story of a young boy whose GCSE artwork which was displayed at the Wise office and caught the eye of an art enthusiast, who bought the piece on the spot and now sits pride of place in their home. It was a sweet reminder of what this festival is all about: discovering and supporting the genuine, exciting talent all around us. Over 700 people came to see the art, chat, and some even took home a little piece of Chipping Norton’s creative soul.

GCSE artwork at Wise Investment


Art Everywhere You Look

This year, we’re excited to do it all over again. The Wise Investment offices are opening up to welcome everyone—whether you’re just curious or seriously creative. It’s a chance to see the incredible range of art from around Chipping Norton. Here, experienced artists and newbies share the same space, each piece of art with its own story that might just pull you in and touch your heart.

Wise Investment Artsweek

Join Us for a Journey of Discovery

We can’t wait for this year’s Artweeks and we’d love for you to be part of it. This isn’t just another event; it’s a journey into the heart of our community. It’s a chance to connect with stories and dreams and find something that really speaks to you, whether it’s in a brush stroke, a shape, or a pattern.

So, circle the dates on your calendar. Let’s fill this year’s Artweeks with creativity, conversation, and maybe even a new piece for your collection. Art is all about getting involved, making connections, and sharing the stories that bring us together in this vibrant community.

Keep up to date with the journey on the Chipping Norton Artsweek Instagram page.


Jo Radcliffe