Tag our ‘Kiss Car’ to Support SpecialEffect and the ‘Twin Town Challenge’

Posted: 22nd September 2021 Key

In 2022, the Twin Town Challenge is coming back to Oxfordshire. This is a charity event coordinated to raise donations for an extremely worthy not-for-profit charity, SpecialEffect.

Adapting video game controllers to be inclusive for people of all abilities, SpecialEffect relies entirely on the goodwill of the community to continue their important work. The Twin Town Challenge is an annual chance to engage the community, encourage donations and give us all a hella’ fun long weekend adventure.

Teams are challenged to buy a £500 car, pimp it up however they desire, and take it on an epic road trip over a long weekend from April 29th 2022.

Giving to a Worthy Cause

We first heard about SpecialEffect in 2017, at a local event where we got to learn about the concept behind their organisation and how it makes a true difference to the individuals and families it supports.

Enamoured with their cause, several members of the Wise Investment team went along to the SpecialEffect offices to see first-hand the technical modifications they create to bring families together, allowing those with disabilities to play with their differently-abled friends and family members. Now, during COVID, SpecialEffect has launched another solution, BubbleBusters, that provides life-changing connections with family and friends to overcome isolation and restore access to education.

Seeing how important this is for the people they help, we quickly decided that we must support them and the important work they do.

When we found out about the Twin Town Challenge through the WOBAs, and realised that the money raised goes to the team at SpecialEffect, it wasn’t hard to persuade some colleagues that we should enter a car. That was back in 2018, and we’re back for 2022!

What we really love about the Twin Town Challenge is the fun that can be had while doing something for a good cause. A highlight of the 2018 event, which none of our team will ever forget, was dancing in the street with all the Twin Towners, knowing how much money we had raised for this amazing charity while enjoying one of the most fun weekends of our life.

Introducing the Wise Investment Kiss Car 2022

Keen to find a standout theme for 2022, we went with one of our rock idols, KISS. We will be cranking up the radio, getting extravagantly dressed up and enjoy an opportunity to channel our inner rockstars. And yes, there will be makeup involved!

In the Wise Investment Kiss Car we have our CEO Alex Rae, joined by team members Jo Radcliffe, Jamal Moche and Chris Kerridge representing the Paraplanning, Finance and Operations departments at Wise.

After this strange period with COVID, an event like this is extra special. For many of us, it will be the largest event we participate in post-COVID. That alone is a lot to celebrate. On top of that, we get to have an absolute ball and support an amazing charity. Those in the charity sector were the hardest hit during COVID. It’s a great feeling to think we can help them to raise a substantial amount. But we need your help!


Jo Radcliffe