Wise Investment “Spin the Charity Wheel”

Posted: 26th January 2021 Key

At Wise Investment, we try and support our local community as much as possible. To us, making charitable donations and volunteering is part of our business and who we are. Over the years we have worked with a number of charities, both local and national. We also encourage this charitable culture amongst our team by providing volunteer days, which can be used for a cause of their choosing, or they can get involved with one of the many causes we participate in as a business.

We also do a monthly charity event that we call “Spin the Charity Wheel”.

How We Spin the Charity Wheel

Through our “Spin the Charity Wheel” initiative, team members nominate their chosen local charity which are then added to the wheel. Once a month in our company meeting the wheel is spun, and the charity that the wheel stops on is chosen to receive a £250 cheque.

This simple event has allowed us to support local food banks, preschools and animal sanctuaries.

Over the last year charities such as Hearing Dogs, Helen and Douglas House, The Mulberry Bush school and Highlands Daycare have benefited.

We are looking forward to supporting many more local charities over the coming months.


Chris Rigbye