Our team of highly qualified and experienced financial planners, paraplanners and administrators are able to offer a range of services to suit your current circumstances. We are able to carry out a full review of your financial situation, provide a full financial plan to meet your future goals, reorganise your existing financial arrangements, and provide a full ongoing management and review service.

Financial Planners

Your financial planner at Wise will work with you to fully understand and review your existing financial arrangements, and future aspirations and requirements. They will discuss key financial planning issues such as investment risk, retirement provision, financial protection and tax, and consider your income and outgoings.

Financial planners work closely with our paraplanners to develop a detailed financial plan for you, and maintain your new arrangements to ensure they remain suitable.


Our team of paraplanners work closely with your financial planner. They look at all of the options and assess the suitability of each possible solution, both for your initial financial plan and to ensure that your arrangements remain suitable.

The paraplanners will also oversee the whole process of review and implementation, so any transition to new arrangements will be as smooth as possible for you.


Your administrator will work with you, your financial planner and our team of paraplanners. Your administrator will implement any financial arrangements or changes, dealing with paperwork and maintaining a record of everything that we do on your behalf.

Your administrator will normally be your first point of contact and are able to assist with many queries or will refer you to your financial planner.

Long-Term Financial Planning

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Discretionary Portfolio Management

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Fee Structure

There are three parts to our service – initial financial planning, recommendations and implementation, and ongoing management and review. We may charge at each stage, depending on the complexity of your existing arrangements and requirements.

Our fee structure is designed to be simple, transparent and competitive. The emphasis is on looking after you and your investments over the long term. Our fees are set at a level that we think fairly reflects the value of the work being done, and takes account of the time, expertise and resources involved, without unduly incentivising transactions. This is to ensure that you only receive the advice you need.

We do not charge for an initial meeting and there is no obligation to use our services if you don’t think we can help. At our initial meeting, we will provide you with our fee schedule and, if you decide to go ahead, we will discuss and agree fees with you before undertaking any work on your behalf.

Financial Planning fees: These are charged for specific pieces of financial planning work such as the initial formulation of a long-term plan and reviewing existing financial arrangements, and advising on and arranging retirement benefits, arranging protection policies and inheritance tax planning.

Ongoing investment management and review service fees: We charge a percentage of the value of assets we look after on your behalf. There isn’t a minimum portfolio size, although for portfolios below £100,000, we charge an additional fee for a full review.

The ongoing charge is tiered for larger portfolios.

Unlike many other financial advisers, we do not take an initial percentage fee from new investments (although financial planning fees may apply). Nor do we charge for transactions within the portfolio, or when you wish to add or withdraw money. That way, you know that any changes made to your underlying investments are always in your best interests.