With our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, having agreed your investment objectives and attitude to investment risk, you then pass all the investment decision making over to us. This minimises paperwork and means we are able to execute any investment decisions quickly and efficiently.

Our Discretionary Investment Management Service is ongoing in nature and over time we will alter your portfolio to reflect changing investment opportunities. In addition, we will meet with you on a regular basis to confirm that the portfolio we are managing for you continues to meet both your requirements and make amendments where necessary.

Investment Philosophy and Process

Investment is a key part of most people’s long term financial plan. So that you can meet your financial goals and objectives, your investments need time and dedicated management to grow.

At Wise, we are long-term, valuation-based investors. Our preference is to invest your portfolio in a diverse range of assets - predominantly shares, bonds and property - that provide complementary risk and return characteristics. We think this multi-asset, valuation-based approach is the most effective way of providing you with attractive long-term returns on your savings, whilst managing investment risk.

There are many factors involved in achieving good long-term investment returns. We believe that it is important to:

  • Carefully research and select good quality, robust investments
  • Only invest in areas that look reasonable value at the time of purchase
  • Move out of investments that have become expensive
  • As far as possible, avoid investments that can suffer a permanent loss of capital (as distinct from a temporary decline in market value)
  • Avoid investment fads and fashions, which tend to be expensive and often lead to significant losses
  • Ignore short term market and media ‘noise’
  • Accept that price volatility is inevitable, and may in fact provide opportunities to buy good investments at low prices

Investment Selection

When it comes to building your portfolio, we will carefully blend investments to suit your overall attitude to risk. In order to provide a diverse mix of investments, we tend to use collective investment funds. This provides you with an optimal combination of diversification, flexibility and cost efficiency. However, we understand that these are not always appropriate and can discuss other solutions, if required.

Risks Involved

You should note that capital is at risk with these investments and you may get back less than you invested. The value of your investment as well as any income paid may fluctuate.

Past performance cannot be relied upon as a guide to future performance.

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