Employee Ownership Day 2016

Written by Admin, 07 July 2016

Once a year we take ourselves away from our desks for a couple of hours over lunch to celebrate being employee owned. This year, on the 1st July, we held a tea party in the garden.

The day commenced with a small group of people demonstrating their team working by building a very large gazebo in our very narrow garden. After setting up the tables we divided ourselves into five teams and two compares, ready to play trivia and getting-to-know-you games. The experiences had by many of our colleagues were both far reaching and unexpected, from being accidental pig farmers to irrational fears of wooden spoons, and everything in between.

After the games, we had a quick change and sat down for tea, served by Chipping Norton Tea Set. We enjoyed a range of sandwiches, cakes, and finished off with a traditional cream tea.

As we were sat for tea, we had Chippy News and Four Shires Magazine come to take photos and talk to the owners about what employee ownership means to us. Here is what we said:

‘Although the Board makes the final decision, Employee Ownership means we all get to have a say in the decisions that matter to us, such as flexible working hours, through the staff forum’

‘Being part of an Employee Owned company makes us feel more valued as part of the company, not just people who work for the company’

Please note – this blog contains the personal opinions of Kelly Guttridge as at July 7th 2016, and is not intended as financial or investment advice. 

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