Fund Raising Fancy Dress Day

Written by Jo, 17 March 2016

Employees of a local investment management firm attended the office looking rather different to usual this week. Wednesday the 16th March saw Wise Investment’s fund raising fancy dress day. The theme for the day was things beginning with “W”, and it was taken rather literally in some cases! From Where’s Wally to a Bottle of Wine, the outfits were varied and imaginative.

The Charity

Funds were being raised for the Lawrence Home Nursing Team, a charity established in 1999 in memory of Dr. Martin Lawrence.


Dr Lawrence, who was a GP in Chipping Norton for 25 years, was sadly diagnosed with a terminal illness, and in the last few weeks of his life benefited from extensive nursing care and medical support at the place he felt most comfortable: his home. It was his wish that other patients choosing to remain at home would be able to have the benefit of this type of practical and emotional support to complement existing services. The Lawrence Home Nursing Team, now well established, has provided specialist end of life care for over 560 patients – enabling many of them to die at home with care, reassurance and self-respect.

The Day

The idea came about one morning in the staff kitchen. Jo Radcliffe, Technical Assistant, and Kerri Grant, Client Services Team Leader, thought what fun it would be to convince their (unwilling) colleagues to dress funny for money! And with that, Jo set about putting a date in the diary for the event.

In all, thirteen of the twenty eight members of staff at Wise Investment got dressed up to raise money for the Lawrence Home Nursing Team, with many additional members of staff bringing in sweet treats to be donated towards.

Annette Lawrence, Trustee of the Lawrence Home Nursing Team, together with Verity Fifer, the fundraising coordinator, attended the offices of Wise Investment to carry out the judging. First prize for Best Dressed was awarded to Claire Brain, Technical Project Assistant, who spent the day dressed as a Walnut Whip. Runner up was awarded to Ben Peters, CEO, who attended the office dressed as a giant Wham bar.

The total raised over the course of the day was over £125.

A big thank you to all involved.



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