TB Wise Active Growth has changed its name

Written by Admin, 19 October 2010

On 1 October the name of the Wise Active Growth fund changed to Wise Strategic which we feel better describes the fund and distinguishes it from the other Wise funds. It is only the name that has changed and David will continue to manage the fund in the same way. There will be no change to the funds objectives which are ‘to provide capital growth over the medium to long term in excess of deposit account returns and inflation’. Over the last five years the B shares are up 27.4% compared to the Consumer Price Index which is up 14.5% and the average 90 day account which is up 18% (source lipper 30/7/10).

The Discrete Performance for the last five years is shown below

1 Year % 2 Years % 3 Years % 4 Years % 5 Years %
TB Wise Strategic A 8.8 (4.2) (7.5) 9.7 15.1
TB Wise Strategic B 9.6 (4.8) (8.1) 10.4 15.9