Twin Town Challenge 2018

Written by Admin, 03 September 2018

100 cars, 1 amazing weekend.

The aim was to buy a £500 banger, add our own style and drive it from Oxfordshire to Le Touquet, France, competing in challenges along the way. All to raise money for technology charity SpecialEffect.

Below is a short extract about one of the many children the charity has supported:

Conor is 11 and has spinal muscular atrophy. His muscles were deteriorating, which meant that he could only use his thumb and index finger on his right hand. As an avid PlayStation gamer, he could no longer play the games he loved. His grandmother, Julie contacted SpecialEffect to ask if there was anything they could do to help.

Occupational therapists helped Conor to get the most out of his system with the limited movement he has. They found that as well as his thumb and index finger, Conor could use his knee to push a button. This is enough to allow him to move around, explore worlds, run, jump and drive in games.

The SpecialEffect team have given Conor so much more than the ability to play games. As he can't speak, he uses his PlayStation to type out text to communicate with his family. The impact on his life and well-being is huge. The support of the Twin Town Challenge allows SpecialEffect to help more people like Conor.

This is why we took part in this challenge. To support children like Connor who unfortunately have had something they love taken away from them. This charity gives it back to them and goes above and beyond in doing so.

To find out more about SpecialEffect and the Twin Town Challenge, visit this link: