Important News

Written by Admin, 19 October 2010

It has come to our attention that there is a company using and promoting the name ‘Wise Trust Fund’.  Please be aware that if you receive any literature which displays the name WISE TRUST FUND this is NOT Wise Investment and please let us know.  We have contacted the correct authorities.

Worryingly there are other scams in operation using names you may be familiar with: Octopus and Schroder. Both investment houses have put notices on their websites.


There have been attempts to ‘acquire investors' shares, or sell shares in companies which have little or no value, and may even be fictitious’.

Schroder (

Investors have been contacted by phone and email about a fund supposedly called ‘Schroder Investment Limited guaranteed bullion and commodities’.

Please don’t give out any personal information over the telephone or by email and if you are unsure of the caller’s/emailer's credentials and please let your adviser at Wise Investment know.